Because South Of The River Rules…

Editor: Natalie De Luca

Digital Marketer by day, South London Blog is my excuse to eat out constantly and go in search of the hottest bars south of the River. I’m passionate about sharing my finds with anyone who’ll listen, and likewise am pleased to hear from others!

I can’t promise an unbiased view, or that my coverage of areas in South London won’t be skewed by those I know best.  I love music, food, travelling and trying new things, so if this sounds like you, read on…Read all posts by Natalie

Contributor: M.D

Born in the North of England with Italian parentage, went to uni in the Midlands and have lived in South London most of my life – a typical south Londoner then!  I love sport, art and the theatre but my current passion is salsa.  When it comes to eating out, it’s Spanish food that’s ticking all my boxes at the moment.  Through SLB I hope to interest, inform and entertain you with all things South London. Read all posts by MD.

Contributor: Rachel Mulrenan

From Brockley to Brixton, south of the river has always been my home. I was born and raised in Lewisham, went up north to Manchester for university, then upon graduating found the lure of South London too great to resist. As a food-obsessed journalist, SLB gives me a great excuse to try out all the amazing restaurants that continue to open in the area- on my to-do list for 2014 are Brindisa in Brixton and Farina on Bermondsey Street (a pizzeria and gelato parlour from the owners of Zucca, set to open later this year). Read All Post By Rachel

Contributor: T.H

Born and raised in the North of England, I’ve lived in South London for three years now. I feel this enables me to act as the quintessential outside observer – objective yet insightful. Although you may feel it simply makes me a less than averagely experienced resident!  As an architect I’m passionate about design and always fascinated by the places and buildings around me and I especially enjoy exploring these as part of my adventures with the SLB. Read all posts by TH