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Small Business Saturday – Herne Hill Recovers

Back in the 19th century, Napoleon famously described England as “a nation of shopkeepers”.  In the 21st century those shopkeepers are hurting badly, as Mary Portas, the ‘queen of shops’ has told the government in her recent report.  A triple whammy of online shopping, huge out-of-centre shopping malls and high business rates are making it more […]

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Bar Tozino – Rope Walk

Tucked away by railway arches near Tower Bridge is the burgeoning Maltby Street Market and in one of the arches we found this absolute gem of a tapas bar. Now I’ve travelled widely in Spain and had tapas ranging from the brilliant to the awful so, although I don’t claim to be an expert, I know my boquerones from my albondigas. […]

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Top 5 South Londoners – with Stuff Named After Them!

What makes a person really famous – their army of followers or how many times their photo appears in a glossy?  But will today’s celebs be recognised or remembered in 100 or 200 years time?  To my mind, to achieve fame longevity, you need stuff named after you – streets, parks, museums, whatever.  Peerless in this respect are Victoria and Albert, with untold amounts.  Wellington and Nelson don’t do badly either and Thatcher has […]

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Watch Live Sport – Charlton Athletic v. Leeds United

Armchair fans, why not get off the sofa and go see some football in the flesh in south London.  Those in the know might say because this is one area (in contrast to our strap line) where south London doesn’t rule.  They may have a point; although south London is football’s historic home, with FA Cup finals from 1861 to 1914 generally at the Oval or the Crystal Palace, after 150 years of effort, […]

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South London in Pictures – Contemporary Artists

I was fortunate enough to go to Venice recently and spent loads of time looking at art from various centuries right up to the present.  Venice must be the most painted  city in the world – it is the artists’ favourite.  On my return I started thinking about the depiction of south London in art and wondered where south London is most famously portrayed in art? Well, a little […]

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Jazzlive at the Crypt

Having been to Streatham’s Hideaway recently, that put us in the mood for more jazz, so we went to The Crypt Jazz Club in Camberwell.  In terms of the venue it’s the polar opposite of  the Hideaway – it’s in the basement of St Giles church and so is pretty small and cramped – just […]

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South London’s Top 5 Weirdest Street Names

The City of London has many strange names for its thoroughfares – Crutched Friars, Poultry and so on, but what about our neck of the woods?  After painstaking research I give you South London’s weirdest street names.  Enjoy! Ha Ha Road,  Woolwich SE18 I’m ‘avin a larf, right?  Well, actually no, it really does exist.  […]

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