Beefeater Gin Tour – Kennington


Did you know that all the Beefeater gin in the world is distilled here in south London? Kennington to be exact. This is just one of the many things you’ll learn on a distillery tour now that Beefeater have thrown open their doors and invited people in.

The visitor centre is really more of a museum than a straight up distillery tour, although don’t worry you do still get the tasting in the form of a refreshing gin and tonic upon tour completion (one of the worlds most popular mixed drinks don’t you know)

What to expect…

At £12 this tour’s not on the cheap side, but do factor in your drink as part of the price. For an extra 3 quid you can take an ipad round with you which makes full use of image recognition technology and opens up a whole host of interesting facts. You’ll start with the self guided tour and walk your way through the history of gin in London, a fascinating story which beforehand I knew little about. From its illicit start and association with the down and outs of the world, the gin craze continues bringing you through prohibition, the birth of cocktails and finishing with a collection of beefeater ads through the ages as well as the transformation of the bottle itself. Even without the ipad there’s plenty of interactive stuff going on, with touch to start tv screens.


The second part of the tour is guided and it’s here you can see where the gin is distilled, all be it from behind glass windows. Here you explore the botanical’s which make Beefeater taste like it does. Juniper berries need to be present to call gin “gin” but in Beefeater there’s a total of 9 botanical’s in the recipe, which is a closely guarded secret.

Gin is steeped in the history of London and it’s great that Beefeater, as well as many other gins, are still distilled here. There’s at least three more in south London alone, so this won’t be the last you’ll be reading about gin!

For more pictures of what we got up to on the tour take a look at our instagram.

Beefeater Distillery – 20 Montford Place, SE11 5DE

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