Quirky Bars in South London

The girls behind Quirky London, the site which bring two sisters adventures in the alternative London scene, share some of their fav quirky bars south of the river!

Sometimes being an adult can get very monotonous and predictable. That’s why every so often it seems only sensible to visit somewhere that manages to shake you out of your grown-up world for a while. Fortunately South London is a constantly evolving mecca of exciting and quirky new bars and restaurants that are well worth exploring. To save you time we’ve come up with a few places that stand out from the mainstream.

The School House– 137-139 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1TDthe school house st johns hill

If you’re secretly nostalgic about your school years then it’s time you went for breakfast, lunch or even some naughty after school cocktails at a new restaurant on St John’s Hill, Battersea called ‘The School House.’ With old fashioned school desks, menus on clipboards and a whole range of school paraphernalia dotted around you will soon feel as though you’ve skipped back a couple of decades. However you will be pleased to know the food itself has no resemblance to the traditional school dinner. There are some great brunch options such as American maple syrup pancakes with sausages, eggs and sauté potatoes or the equally delicious chicken and avocado club sandwich all served up on a school lunch style plastic tray. Their range of  tasty Science experiment cocktails are equally tempting.image1

Sugar Cane– 247 Lavender Hill, London SW11 1JW

If you’re more interested in finding a welcome respite from the grey London streets and overcast skies above then look no further than Sugar Cane on Lavender Hill, a Polynesian themed cocktail bar that has been influenced by the tropical beauty of the Islands.The beach hut style bar with its bamboo walls and straw roof certainly stands out from the other shops and eateries on the street. Inside the beach hut theme continues with large blowfish hanging from the ceiling by the bar, cane furniture, booths that look as though they’re carved from rock and a drinks menu which is made up of traditional Tiki inspired cocktails. If you’re in a group then order one of the sharing cocktails that arrives in a purpose designed shell or canoe. Just beware of the ‘Suffering Bastard’ cocktail,’ the next day is when it truly lives up to its name!

The King Of Ladies Man– Battersea Rise, LondonLondon SW11 1HG

Perhaps the quirkiest Clapham hangout of all is ‘The King of Ladies Man’ on Battersea Rise. From the outside all you see is The Breakfast Club, a lovely restaurant in its own right but, if you’re in the know, you will head through the restaurant into a launderette that leads to a secret and fantastically quirky 70’s themed bar hidden in a back room. Here, surrounded by all things 70’s kitsch you can choose from a menu of interesting and unusual cocktails such as The Wallbanger (a mix of vodka, marmalade, lemon and whisky) or the ‘Mr Miyagi’ combining a seaweed infused vodka with cranberry juice, rosemary syrup and bitters. A perfect example of quirky fun, King of Ladies Man ticks all our boxes.the king of ladies man

The Magic Garden– 231 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 4LG

Our last mention is The Magic Garden on Battersea Park Road. Rather dingy from the outside but don’t let this put you off as once inside the fairy garden-esque theme takes hold. The interior is decorated beautifully with an eclectic mix of antique style furniture with red roses hanging from the ceiling but it’s the outside area that truly makes the pub stand out and gives it its intriguing name. Protected by a giant canopy lit with fairy lights and filled with comfy sofas and cosy nooks and crannies, the relaxed vibe outside makes it not only the perfect place for evening drinks but also a fantastic place to hide away with some good food and a hangover smoothie the next day.

So whether you’re after a superior school dinner, a cheeky Polynesian night out, some secret cocktails behind a launderette or simply a chilled out afternoon in a magic garden- South London has it covered.

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