South London Gin Distilleries

Gin is one of London’s favourite spirits and this Saturday, 13th June, is World Gin Day. To celebrate this I’ve taken a look at some distilleries which are making Gin right here in South London.  Read on to see how you can get involved in both tours and tastings of these very local Gins.Beefeater Gin Kennington

  • The Beefeater Distillery

Beefeater Gin is probably one of the most recognizable brands of gin in the world. Distilled right here in London for over 150 years, it is the only international gin brand to be able to call London home.

The Beefeater Distillery is located in an old Edwardian building in Kennington. Some of the features of the distillery include original Victorian pot stills and the botanical room where all of the fresh ingredients are stored.

For the past year, the distillery has been open for tours from Monday to Saturday. The one hour tour gives you the opportunity to learn about the history of gin in London, the Beefeater story, and how the famous Beefeater London Dry Gin is made – you’ll even get a cheeky sample.

The Beefeater Distillery, 20 Montford Place, Kennington, London, SE11 5DE.

  • Bermondsey Distillery (Jensen’s Gin)

Located under a railway arch near Maltby Street market is the Bermondsey Distillery. This is home to Jensen’s Gin. Founded by gin enthusiast Christian Jensen (he has a personal collection of 900 bottles of vintage gin), there are now two types of gin produced here – the Bermondsey Dry and the Old Tom.

The Bermondsey Dry was modeled on the gins of the early 20th Century and is the perfect gin for a classic dry martini. On the other hand, Old Tom bears a true likeness to the gins used in cocktail making during the 1840s. Combine an Old Tom gin with tonic for your perfect summer tipple.

The distillery is open for tastings or long drinks every Saturday. If there’s a group of you wanting a tour then get in touch with them.

Bermondsey Distillery, 55 Stanworth Street, London, SE1 3NY.

  • The London Distillery Company

The London Distillery Company began as the first whisky distillery in London for over 100 years. In 2013 they released their first gin – Dodd’s Gin. The gin is named after Ralph Dodd who first had the idea for a London Distillery Company in the 18th Century.

Only organic ingredients are used in the production of the gin. Some of these include juniper, red raspberry leaf, fresh lime peel and London honey.

Whilst there are no official days that the distillery is open, you can get in touch with the team if there is a group of you wanting to do a tour. Otherwise, keep an eye on their website/social media pages for events coming up.

The London Distillery Company, 33 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP.

  • Little Bird GinLittle Bird Gin

Born and bred in South London, Little Bird Gin was created by a team of gin enthusiasts looking for an alternative recipe to the traditional London Dry Gin. The natural botanicals used in making Little Bird include pink grapefruit, sweet orange peel and ginger.

Little Bird gin is lovingly distilled in small batches. If you want to have a taste then you can find them on Saturday’s at the Maltby Street Market.

Little Bird, Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk, London, SE1 2HQ.

  • The Four Thieves Gin Yard Battersea

The Four Thieves in Battersea is much more than a pub – it is home to its very own brewery and gin distillery. The brewery produces about 40 casks a week but there’s also a small copper pot still.

Whilst there are around 45 different gin options at The Four Thieves, sampling their own craft gin is a must. Distilled in small batches on site, the primary botanical used is lavender. This is grown on the rooftop of the Gin Yard playing homage to the location of the pub – it was previously a lavender field.

Four Thieves, 51 Lavender Gardens, London, SW11 1DJ.


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