Tea Tasting Masterclass, Greenwich

Having a strong affiliation to Yorkshire, I always thought I knew how to make a good cup of tea. However, a tea tasting master class at Peyton & Byrne Greenwich by our expert Dan from “Chash – The Fine Tea Co.” showed there is a lot more to tea than your average brew. Pushing their mantra “If tea makes everything better, why not drink better tea?” to the masses, Chash supply high quality “fine” tea to various restaurants and cafes (including Peyton & Byrne), and get the public’s opinion of their favourites through their pop-up tea tasting events.

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Tea-master Dan at work

I must admit, before I attended the event I was thinking that a hot tea might not be the best way to celebrate the arrival of summer! Dan, however, was on the same wave length and dedicated the class to showing us how high quality tea drank cold can equally quench the thirst. The class went on to explain the different types of teas and foods that can be complimented to maximise the taste senses, as well as the types of tea that can be mixed with various alcoholic spirits to make cocktails that would certainly impress any seasoned drinker.

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We had the opportunity to taste “Gyokuro” (The pride of Japan – Green Tea), “Earl Grey” (Black Tea), “Iron Goddess of Mercy” (Oolong), “Pomegranate” (Herbal & Fruit Infusion), “Organic Orange Rooibos” (Herbal & Fruit Infusion), and “Summer Fruits” (Herbal & Fruit Infusion) to name a few. Alongside the drinks, “tasters” got to enjoy a piece of Peyton and Byrne’s fluffy Lemon Drizzle Cake.

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The lemon drizzle – a perfect accompaniment to any tea!








“Chash” were guesting at the Peyton & Byrne bakery in Greenwich. Other events being organised at Peyton & Byrne restaurants and bakeries over the summer months include Champagne tastings at the Royal Academy of Arts, and the Kew Gardens Spice Season Supper Clubs. Check out the website for event details.

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