Mc & Sons Irish Pub + Thai Kitchen – Southwark

Many say Irish hospitality is the finest in the world and after our visit to Mc & Sons, a new Irish pub in Union Street Southwark, I can’t argue with that. We were invited to the press night of this new opening; I say press night, but it seemed that quite a lot of south London had joined in too! No matter, the drinks kept on flowing, the Irish folk band kept playing and the food came in convoys – it was the mother of all opening nights!

The Irish folk band ensured a lively opening night

Mc & Sons is a pub run by the McElhinney family, father Jack and sons John and Ryan. For those of you who drink in the Waterloo/Southwark area you may be familiar with their other pubs run under the umbrella of Windmill Taverns: The Windmill, The Ring, The Kings Arms and Jack’s Bar, some of which featured in our article ‘The Top 5 Bars in Waterloo‘. In their different ways these are all great pubs, so I’ve no doubt that Mc & Sons will prove equally popular and become a firm favourite in the social life of this corner of south London.

Some of the friendly bar staff at Mc & Sons

The pub is tastefully decorated and there’s a ‘living memory wall’, framed photos of the McElhinney family going back through the generations – a really nice touch.  Also, there’s a snug bar seating 8-10 with its own bar hatch that you can hire.   The pub stocks a wide range of beers and real ales as you’d expect, but there’s an unexpected twist to this traditional Irish pub – it has a Thai kitchen. One of the brothers, Johnny, married Lailar from Thailand who just happens to be pretty handy in the kitchen.

Part of the ‘living memory’ wall

At the launch party we were treated to a range of the food that Head Chef Lailar and her team produce, including a green curry, a pad Thai and a chilli chicken stir-fry – all deliciously tasty. If you work in the area you might like to try the takeaway lunchbox from £5.50, while in the evening there’s a full menu with table service, with dishes reasonably priced at around £5 for starters and mains around £9.

So for a friendly welcome and traditional Irish hospitality combined with some of the best Thai street food this side of Chang Mai, try out Mc & Sons for yourself, you won’t be disappointed – Slainte!

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