Bogan Bingo

Forget the traditional bingo hall full of local OAP’s, Bogan Bingo is less about the Bingo and more about the hosts.  Bogan is Australian slang, roughly meaning ‘chav’, and the ‘Bogans’ are your hosts for the night.  Two guys donning mullet wigs, wife beaters and fake tattoos keep you entertained and encourage crowd participation with the Bingo calls. At £6 for 2 rounds of Bingo, a half time air guitar competition (oh yes!) this is a good value night out.  I went along to the Underdog in Clapham Common after Thursday night Bingo had been highly recommended, and I wasn’t disappointed.    The prizes are more comedy than covetable, with a framed picture of a smoking duck and a toilet brush amongst the items up for grabs, however bar tabs and bottles of wine also feature.  These nights do sell out so book in advance, arrive before 8pm to take advantage of happy hour, cocktails for £4.50 and a bottle of wine with baked camembert for £15.  It’s great fun, a bit silly, and hey you could walk away with that smoking duck picture…

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