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Park Run Brockwell ParkI started regretting my decision to join Park Run for the first time when I woke up early on a Saturday morning and braved the cold outside.  Abandoned by previously keen friends, who instead opted for a lie in, I headed for Brockwell Park with newly printed bar code in hand.  As soon as I arrived at the meeting point, next to the lido, any regrets had vanished.  There were loads of us!  All in this Saturday morning running club together.  I hadn’t expected such an uplifting experience but as we huddled together newbies, volunteers and ‘high achiever’s’ all took it in turns to receive a round of applause.  Then we set off, all 188 of us, on our 5k circuit around Brockwell Park.  Marshall’s dotted the route to point us in the right direction and give us an encouraging cheer.  Running in such a large group definitely added motivation to my run.  I picked out a target I was determined to stick with, but not for long, oops!  Times are all recorded and sent out via email, I was pleased with a first attempt coming in under 28 minutes!  Impressive for me at least.

If you’re looking for added motivation, to get fit or keep fit, Park Run is definitely a winner.  Find your nearest run here.

If You fancy pushing yourself a bit more there’s a 10k planned for the 3rd March, also in Brockwell Park.

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