The January Challenge: #20Days20Dinners

Happy New Year! While you contemplate what to do with yourself in your current state of hangover and promise yourself you’ll never drink again, let me introduce you to how January is going to look for us here at the South London Blog…I’ll give you a clue, it doesn’t involve dieting!

What normally springs to mind when you think of January? Festivities over, diet begins, the dark, cold and miserable nights setting in and of course time to tighten those purse strings! As January begins the majority of you will try to painstakingly stick to the usual resolutions of ‘eat less, drink less and exercise more.’

But here at the South London Blog we’re saying no to all of that! It’s time to put the sparkle back into January and we’ll be documenting the results for your reading pleasure. The #20Days20Dinners challenge will be a 20 day culinary adventure through the restaurants, take-aways and bars of South London.

From the 10th January for 20 days straight we’ll be eating our way around South London, follow us here, on instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join in the adventure.

As yet, not all the 20 locations are decided so please feel free to suggest places along the way for us to try.  We won’t be sticking strictly to dinner, they call lunch dinner in the north after all! And at the weekend breakfast is practically lunch anyway, and hey sometimes a liquid dinners all you need!

This might sound like fun, hey who doesn’t like eating out! But I’m sure by day 10 I’ll be craving a home cooked meal, oh yeah and I’ll be marathon training!

Happy New Year!


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