Laundrapp – The Mobile App for Laundry

So much to do, so little time? I think at times pretty much all Londoners have felt like this, I know I have.  It was with this in mind that I was intrigued to try out new Laundry & Dry Cleaning service, Laundrapp.  Not only can you book the service through your phone, but they will pick up and deliver to an address of your choice.

Armed with a £20 money off voucher (You can get £10 off with code PQFXT) my first port of call was downloading the app.  This was easy to do and I was impressed with the usability and design of Laundrapp.  You can easily browse through offers and individual items to check prices and book. You do need to enter card and address details, but as with Uber this is all part of simplying the transaction process, which is what makes it so easy and appealing for the user.


The second thing which impressed me was the price, you can get a two piece suit dry cleaned for £11. You can have five shirts washed and ironed for a tenner.  Whether your working in the City and always need to look on top form, or just need an infrequent item dry cleaned, this service can save you both time and money.

Once your items are ordered and you have chosen your pick up and delivery time there is an in app feature which tells you when the Laundrapp staff will be there to collect.  Unfortunately my first pick up time was cancelled at the last minute due to technical difficulties. Not ideal, but an interesting insight into Laundrapp’s customer service. I sent an email and they replied within 15 minutes. My next pick up time was then arranged and I was notified by text that the pick up was to be five minutes late, which it was. But with one hour delivery slots, I’ll let 5 minutes pass. Plus they were early with their drop off and the staff were lovely and cheery, even at 7 in the morning!

Despite a hiccup, which I’ll put down to bad luck, I think Laundrapp is a great service.  The app is easy to use, the prices are competitive and it’s the ultimate convenience.

Try it for yourself, and use code PQFXT for £10 off.

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  1. Dave August 5, 2015 at 7:07 pm #

    Hi Natalie

    Great blog! Just thought I’d add my experience of Laundrapp for the other readers. You had a small hiccup but for me everything was a nightmare. Ultimately after two weeks, failed deliveries and many chaser emails, it turns out they have lost all of the items in my order. They don’t even have a phone number to contact which says it all. As some advice, I’d tell anyone to do a search on twitter and google to see quite how many complaints they get. Losing all your stuff is terribly frustrating. I’m glad yours turned up safe and sound

    • Natalie De Luca August 17, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

      Sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve actually recommended them to friends who have been happy with their service, but it sounds like you had a very bad experience so thanks for sharing!

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