Move Pop Up Gym – Battersea Power Station


Move Pop Up Gym  is currently popping up in front of Battersea Power Station, so you can exercise in the shadow of this iconic South London building.  Now that’s reason enough to give one of these classes a go, but if you’re not convinced how about the fact that it’s contract free exercise and it’s out in the open air instead of in a sweaty gym.  Classes range from Bootcamp to Pilates and Zumba so there really is something to suit a wide variety of fitness levels and exercise style preferences.

I went to sample the lead class, which is unique to Move Pop Up Gyms and was invented by AJ.  AJ came up with the concept of a pop up gym after frustration with teaching at places where people wanting to attend his classes had to pay high membership fees rather than being able to pay as you go.  Move was described as ‘Zumba crossed with dancing round your bedroom with a hairbrush’, and after completing the hours dance workout I had to agree! Me and my friend adapted this description to ‘a cross between Saturday night in Infernos, dancing round your room and a fitness class’, and we meant this in a good way.  For exercise-phobes this is a great class to ease you in as you can put in as much energy as you like and you’ll be having too much fun to worry about what you look like or how tired you’re getting.

The combination of the setting, the music you just wanted to sing along to and the enthusiasm of instructor AJ all added to the make up of this class and it really did seem like a good time had been had by all.  If you’re after a more intense work out then this might not be the class for you, but head to the website for full listings and make sure you catch it while it’s still at Battersea Power Station.

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