Putt in the Park, Wandsworth

Mini Golf in Wandsworth Park

I have fond memories of playing mini golf on campsites in France when I was a child, and I’m sure many people share the same kind of childhood memories. But why should kids have all the fun, and why reserve this activity for a two week getaway.Wandsworth Putt in the Park

Well there’s actually no need at all as Wandsworth Park’s Putt in the Park proves. A fabulous riverside location in Putney is home to a 12 hole mini golf course. They have also just opened a new course in Battersea Park which has an accompanying Pizza restaurant.Putt in the Park Wandsworth

Priced at £7 a round, or £5 for kids, you are armed with score card, club, ball and off you go. Rather sweetly, each hole is named after a London location and the score card tells you the par to aim for. There’s obstacles along the way, including water to traverse and if you’re mini golf is anything like mine you’ll be using the fishing nets provided to come to the rescue of your wayward ball!golf Putt in the Park

It’s a fun activity whether in a pair or bigger group and to continue the fun you may even want to head for a cheeky pint at the 13th hole.

Putt in the Park, Wandsworth Park SW18 1PP open 9am til dusk.

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