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It’s just gone a year since I started the South London Blog and one of the questions I’ve often been  asked over the year is firstly why did I start the blog, but also “why South London?”
Now if you’re a regular reader you’ll no doubt be aware of the many reasons I think South London is great, but unfortunately not everyone shares this view. OK, so a cab driver will now take you home,  but the south is undoubtedly often over shadowed by the “cooler” east.

Now as a life long Londoner I do have an appreciation for all parts of London,  I spend my working week in trendy Soho which I love.  The blog was not set up to start a turf war but simply to promote how great south London is, and hopefully help people, whichever part of London their from, find interesting things to do in this fine city.

It’s also pushed me to keep exploring and try new things.  This year I’ve danced in front of battersea power station, been bouldering in Bermondsey, tried crispy frog legs, learnt the art of wine tasting and discovered the little gem that is Maltby Street Market! I hope our humble blog has inspired you too, and we will strive to keep doing so.

Have a fabulous Chritsmas and a fantastic New Year.  All that’s left is for me to give a shameless little plug for this award we’re up for and for which your vote would be very much appreciated!

Thanks, SLB

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