The Night Bus- Pick Your Favoured Route And Live Somewhere Along the Way

So ok, the above might be a tad extreme, but there’s an element of truth here.  Unless you have the budget to shell out for taxi’s forever more, where a 5 min journey will cost you as much in pounds, you need to make a firm friend in your night bus.  Track down your most convenient…and fall in love with it.  Now this is even more important for us South London dwellers, less well served by the tube.  But hey that’s done by 1 anyway, night buses, well the clues in the name.

For me, my love is the N3.  This bus has served me well, both when I lived at home (yes I still refer to my parents as ‘home’), and in my current SW2 dwellings.  What’s better than a ride home for under £2 which will drop you almost exactly to your door, in my case the end of my road?  What’s more with the power of a smart phone, and tfl at your fingertips, you no longer need to wait around at cold bus stops, simply time your bar exit to the scheduled bus time.  There is one mystery of the night bus however, which many of you may have experienced yourself, or witnessed it in others.  This mystery is its uncanny ability to make you FALL ASLEEP.  Uncomfortable, too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, this is not your typical sleeping environment.  This combined with the fact that when I really need to fall asleep on modes of transport it DOES NOT HAPPEN (looong sleepless coach journeys), makes the sleep inducement of the bus a real mystery.  It has nothing to do with alcohol, honest.  However, I miraculously manage this nigh on impossible task when aboard the N3.  I once memorably woke up, half way back from Bromley, its final destination.  And this was after being sensible and heading home at 1!  Hey, at least it was now going back where I needed to go.

Now I know what you’re thinking, wow I want a ride on that sleep inducing, too hot, too cold, booze hound wagon, and jokes aside you should.  Go on, show your night bus some love!

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