The Big Red Pizza Bus – Deptford

Day 9 – #20Days20Dinners

Almost reaching the half way point of our challenge it was time to up the excitement and add a bit of novelty to our dinners, and what better way to do so than by eating some pizza…on a bus! Yes you heard right, in the heart of Deptford sits an old London bus which has been lovingly transformed into an Italian restaurant.  Having read about this I was eager to find out what it was all about and surprised to find the bus parked next to a pub, becoming an extension of the traditional beer garden.  Perhaps my imagined desolate car park with lone bus restaurant was too weird to be true, and you’ll probably be relieved that key facilities (kitchen, toilets) sit outside of the bus, which is just for eating on.

big red bus (800x800)The other thing that may also surprise you is the food, it’s actually pretty good! It could easily have been poorly executed relying solely on its obvious gimmick, thankfully this is not the case and you are greeted with a small menu of pizzas and freshly made pasta.

big red pasta (800x600)Having completed a 10 mile run earlier that day, the joys of marathon training, I felt two courses at lunch were more than justified.  As such me and TH shared fresh pumpkin ravioli and doughballs with garlic barter to start us of.  This was then followed by porcini mushroom tagliatelle for me and a meat laden pizza for him.

bid red pizza (800x800)The pizza was good with generous toppings and a nice thin base.  Having said that it had a lot to live up to, there’s a lot of good wood fired pizza places around, this didn’t quite reach that standard but it was tasty none the less.  The pasta was impressive, clearly it had been freshly made and there was a good choice of both meat and vegetarian options.

the big red (800x800)

At £40 for two courses, drinks and service it was well worth the money, and hey don’t forget, we ate all this whilst on board the big red bus!

The Big Red – 30 Deptford Church Street, London SE8 4RZ



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