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Day 17 – #20Days20Dinners

Having seen the Raynes Park branch of this Korean restaurant listed on Time Out’s top 50 restaurants in London I felt compelled to visit. Korean food is not something I’ve often had and it sounded great, with the added novelty of food being cooked right before your eyes. So on Sunday as day 17 of my challenge I headed to Earlsfield to visit the newest addition to the Cah Chi family. Perhaps Korean doesn’t strike people as something to eat on a Sunday afternoon as we were the first diners to arrive, more people came as our meal progressed however.

The food –

I knew that the BBQ had to be on the agenda as I wanted to experience the whole show of having the food cooked at our table. Before that though we ordered vegetable tempura and soft shell crab to get us started.  Before our starters arrived we were presented with four dishes consisting of Kimchee, pickled egg, soy beans and small pancake pieces.  It was a nice touch to try things that I wouldn’t necessarily have ordered, although I have to admit the pickled egg is not something I will be having again! Following this the starters arrived; the veg tempura was a little too light on the veg and heavy on the batter for my taste but the crab was delicious, and wonderfully presented.

cah chi 2 (800x800)Moving on to the main event, between the two of us we went for the pork belly in ginger and garlic and the sirloin steak.  To accompany the meat you can order from the BBQ side menu and we took the basic package which has lettuce leaves, pickles, shredded spring onion and bean curd paste.  A waitress prepared the hot plate for us and arranged the meat to start cooking.

cah chi 3 (800x800)

Once this was complete she showed us the best way to enjoy – place pickles and spring onion on a leaf, take a piece of the BBQ’s meat and dip in the bean paste, add this to the leaf, wrap and eat. It was delicious, and as we went for no carbs it wasn’t too heavy.

cah chi (800x800)The Verdict –

A great restaurant with friendly service, a mint on the way out was a nice touch.  Go for the BBQ option for a fun and interactive dining experience.  Both the prok belly and sirloin steak are highly recommended.

Cah Chi – 394 Garratt Ln, SW18 4HP

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