If you love getting your meat and produce fresh from the farmers markets but hate those early morning starts, why not try ordering with Farmdrop? Farmdrop is a bit like an online farmer’s market. You can order the freshest food straight from the people who grow/make it.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up you can browse through the website and make your shopping list. There are currently 36 farmers/producers working with Farmdrop so there’s plenty to choose from!

Because each order is prepared especially for you by the producers, you need to order a minimum of 3 days before you need the food delivered. You can arrange for your order to be delivered to your home or to one of Farmdrop’s 16 convenient pick-up points. Most of these are right here in South London – The Actress in East Dulwich, Oddbins on Clapham High Street and Market Row Wines in Brixton to name a few.

London Jam Factory (425x640)

What are the benefits?

The food you receive is fresher and of a higher quality than you would get from the supermarket. As all of the deliveries are not prepared until the order has been processed, your food arrives to your house the same day it leaves the farm, kitchen or bakery… This also means there is no waste.

By ordering from Farmdrop you are ensuring that the farmers/makers receive more money for their hard work. This is because there are far less hands that the food has to pass through than if you were buying from a supermarket. Farmdrop aims to pay the producers between 70-75% rather than the 25-50% other retailers will offer them.

You are supporting local businesses. Most of Farmdrop’s farmers/makers are located within 150 miles from their hub in Bermondsey. Local food means that the food is seasonal – throughout the year you will be able to try a whole new range of flavours and products depending on what the farmers can grow.Farmdrop Suppliers (425x640)

How do I choose from all of these suppliers?

I was lucky enough to sample some of the Farmdrop producer’s goods at their Summer Fete. Some of my highlights are:

The London Jam Factory – These jams are really delicious and will definitely make waking up for breakfast more rewarding. There’s a lot more fruit and a lot less sugar in one pot than regular jams and the flavours are really unique.

La Tua Pasta – All of the pasta is made from scratch in a kitchen in North London. There are over 200 different varieties of pasta using both local and Italian ingredients. You could get pasta made from snails, pigeon, crab or even haggis!

Hinxden Farm Dairy – The first thing I tried was a meringue with strawberries and cream on the top and I still remember how tasty it was. The milk, cream and other dairy products produced by Hinxden Farm are delicious and tasted as good as you would imagine.Hinxden Farm (425x640)

Photos by Paul Robertson


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