Great Steaks!! Cau Restaurant, Blackheath

For the carnivores amongst us, there is arguably nothing better to the palate than the taste of juicy burger or a melt-in-your mouth steak. This is why since moving to Greenwich I have always taken a particular interest in the stylishly decorated Cau restaurant in local Blackheath, with its fantastic location overlooking the heath itself.

Cau Blackheath

Cau restaurants (the “Cau” standing for Carne Argentina Unica) is the young upstart of the Gaucho chain of restaurants, having opened its first restaurant to the meat lovers of London 18 months ago. Since its inauguration, it now has restaurants in Wimbledon, Kingston and St Katherine’s Dock with further chains planned in 2015 and 2016. Anyone who knows of Gaucho would know of its reputation for high-quality steak, but equally its sky-high prices. It is important here to make the distinction between Gaucho and Cau; average spend per head is significantly lower in Cau, and having eaten in both I can categorically say the quality of the meat is no different.

Cau’s USP is that all of its meat is sourced singly from the Pampas region of Argentina, just outside of Buenos Aires. All the cows are Aberdeen Angus bred and have been reared on the unique diet of the Pampas (the best grass in the world so I’m told), resulting in bigger, juicier and more flavourful beef.


Obviously the steaks are the centre of attention on the menu, and there is a plethora of option from traditional rump and sirloin cuts through to the Lomito (considered the finest cut in Argentina) and Tira de Ancho (spiral cut rib-eye). The meat comes in thick slabs, with staff recommending how ‘done’ it should be for the best flavour based upon the fat content of each cut. I went for an Asado de Chorizo, a sirloin steak in a currasco marinade; as soon as the knife slipped through like butter I knew I was onto a winner!


A steak will set you back £15-£40 depending on the cut and the size – although if you fancying you own Man-vs-Food challenge there is the £85 feasting plate with 1.2 kg of steak to work your way through. Surprisingly, there is a wide range of veggie options also available, always helpful when you are unknowingly dragging a vegetarian with you as I was! Outside of the evening menu, there is also a brunch menu and an alternative Sunday roast option on offer, which is apparently hugely popular.

Check out their website for further details – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better steak anywhere else in South London.

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