Peckham’s Bellenden Road

Peckham is fast becoming the go to destination in South London for things as diverse as roof top cinemas, art tours and soul nights. However it wasn’t always this way and Bellenden Road is a fine example of this.  The school which sits at the far end of the road was once a place I spent every Saturday as it was home to my dance and drama classes.  In those days the best the high street had to offer was a kebab shop where chips and burger sauce were a lunchtime fav and a newsagent which sold great penny sweets.

When I started hearing the buzz which now surrounds Bellenden Road I couldn’t help but be surprised and on a recent nostalgic visit I was pleased to see the regenaration which has taken place (which I think started with the street lamps), but I was also secretly happy that my once cherished kebab shop was still open!

There are now several cafes dotted along Bellenden and the surrounds displaying a variety of temptingly good cakes, these sit along side small boutique clothes shops and free range butchers Flock and Herd.  It’s well worth going for a wander and visiting the local shops and cafes. There are also a couple of stand out restaurants which are helping to cement Bellenden Roads growing reputation-

Bellenden Road

Begging Bowl

No frills Thai street food. The food is great and very authentic, I particularly liked the betal leaf starter, not always on the menu but if it is go for it. The restaurant is simply furnished and tables are quite close together. You can’t book in advance but you can wait in the pub over the road and they will call your mobile when a table is free.


(Almost Bellenden Road but not quite!) If you would prefer Indian try Ganapati, a southern Indian restaurant. The food here is really good and different than the usual run of the mill curry house. The paratha bread is the best I’ve ever had! The restaurant is small so you need to book in advance as it is very popular.

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  1. Debbie Allen October 7, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    I’d like to recommend 2 restaurants and 3 cafes:
    Angels and Gypsies restaurant (£££)
    Van Hing Vietnamese restaurant (£) cash only

    House cafe, Camberwell Church St
    Johannes Cafe, Grove Lane
    Love Walk Cafe, Denmark Hill

    and there are several new cafes popping up recently.
    I also went to the Camberwell Green Farmer’s Market on Saturday, and there were only a small number of stalls but they are very good quality:
    bread stall
    meat stall (includes venison, wild fowl, various sausages and much more)
    honey stall
    cake stall
    Italian deli
    cheese stall
    fruit and veg stall
    cafe stall
    I think things are definitely looking up for Camberwell

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