Recipes from Brixton Village


SLB was invited to take a ‘food walk’ tour of Brixton Village led by Miss South, food critic for our friends at Brixton Blog and author of ‘Recipes from Brixton Village’– a new book which gives you the opportunity to re-create some of the wonderful dishes you can taste when you visit this increasingly renowned indoor market in the heart of Brixton.

Firstly, we visited Cornercopia (previously featured in SLB) where we were offered beetroot and sheep’s cheese pasties, along with leek fritters – delicious!  Anne Fairbrother and Ian Riley were pioneers in re-generating the market and their shop, kitchen and dining room are established favourites in the Village.

Then on to Jalisco, a Mexican Café run by a Venezuelan, Wilson Porras with his partner Yexeli Sanchez, who are keen to show the many facets of Mexican food.    Here we had very tasty shredded-beef tacos and Margaritas – perfecto!!

Fish Wings & Tings

Close by was our next stop/course at Fish, Wings and Tings, run by Brian Danclair, originally from Trinidad via the US and France.  Brian is a classically-trained chef whose mission is to take Caribbean food to another level – he gave us a demonstration of preparing and cooking from scratch his salt cod fritters and served them up with a ginger and lime aioli – food heaven beckoned!

No time to stop as we moved on to LabG, an Italian artisanal ice cream parlour where we tasted the lovely salted caramel offering –definitely going back there.

Enough? – No way! On to our last stop at Snugg, where food heaven was actually entered – the best choc brownies EVER, along with mugs of steaming hot coffee.

As you might guess, I’m pretty sold on BrixtonVillage, and from someone who can be mightily picky about dining, that is a recommendation.  But don’t just take my word for it – if you haven’t been yet, get down there and sample some of the things we tried and see what you think.

And so to the book; it’s thoughtfully laid out – all recipes are contained on one page or facing double page, so no turning back and forth while prepping and cooking.  It’s also very attractive with beautiful illustrations by Kaylene Alder.  Many of the market traders have contributed recipes for the book, while Miss South has developed some of her own, inspired by the food you can buy and eat there.  She also gives the reader the back-story of the market too, from its opening in 1937 to its present day resurgent status, along with pen pictures of the market traders.  Published by the Kitchen Press at £15.99, ‘Recipes from Brixton Village’ will help you impress friends and family as you reach new culinary heights!

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  1. Emma May 29, 2014 at 9:17 am #

    What a great regeneration idea Brixton Village was – has provided a centre for so many fantastically creative people!
    Emma 🙂

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