Cake Boy and the Meantime Brewing Company

This week we headed to Cake Boy in Battersea to take part in a baking master class to celebrate the collaboration between Cake Boy aka Eric Lanlard, patissier and celebrity chef, and craft brewers The Meantime Brewing Company of Greenwich.

The SLB team with Eric Lanlard

The collaboration is part of Meantime’s Pilot Series where the brewers get very experimental with their flavours. The result of this partnership is the Cake Boy Hazelnut Ale which is a dark ale with a taste of, you guessed it, hazelnuts.

Cake Boy Hazelnut Ale

At this point you’re probably thinking why were we taking part in a baking master class, and the answer is we were making mince pies with a twist. Instead of brandy we would be using the Hazelnut Ale. I’ll be honest and say most of the legwork was done for us in terms of the mince pies, but I will be taking as much credit as possible (next stop Bake Off). I have to hold my hands up and say I have never been a huge mince pie fan – however, these were ab-so-lute-ly deeelicious.

Someone’s gonna eat all the pies!

They were accompanied with a glass of the hazelnut ale, which worked really well (naturally!). We were then talked through the brewing process and the selection of the malts. It was a really enjoyable evening and got me in the festive spirit for the first time this year. Both the hazelnut ale and mince pies will be available to try and buy at both the Meantime Brewery Tasting Rooms, Greenwich, SE10 0AR and Cake Boy, Battersea Reach, SW18 1TX until 22nd December.  Also, Cake Boy offers baking master classes, while you can go on a brewery tour at Meantime.

Editor’s note: our reporter was under strict instructions to bring back a box of the product, which he duly did –  seriously tasty – they didn’t last long!

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