Recovery Brunch at The Clapham North Pub

Last Sunday we went to try and resolve our hangovers by checking out the ‘Recovery Brunch’ at The Clapham North Pub (no points for guessing where it is!). If you know the pub, you’ll know how good the food is, so we were keen to try out the brunch.

When we arrived we were offered some cocktails to start (hair of the dog and all that). We went with the Berocca cocktail, which was something a bit different from the more classic Bloody Mary. They looked great and tasted even better – a great start to curing the hangover. On our table we also had a first aid box that contained sunglasses, Berocca, sweets and ‘cards against humanity’; this was a cool little addition to the brunch and provided some laughs.

Berocca Cocktails

There was a good selection of breakfasts on the menu to suit all tastes and appetites. I always eat a lot when I’m hung-over so went for the Full English; it didn’t let me down in either the taste or the size department and was just what I needed. (Editor’s Note: Yes, our rookie reporter was so keen to get stuck in to the Full English, he forgot to take a photo first! Thanks to The Clapham North for their photo).  We also had bottomless Prosecco to accompany our food which was very nice and aided my recovery. Usually I’m not a fan of the ‘hair of the dog’ approach to a hangover, but I can’t deny that this actually worked a treat and I left feeling fresh and revived.

The Full English

Make sure you head to The Clapham North Pub to check it out – ‘The Recovery Brunch’ is available from 10am-3pm every weekend. If you just want the cocktail and food it’s £15; the bottomless Prosecco for 1.5 hours is an extra £15. There’s also a very good evening menu, featuring many crowd-pleasing favourites, with mains from £10, as well as a wide range of drinks to suit all tastes.

The Clapham North, 409 Clapham Road, London SW9 9BT



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