Supper Clubs in London

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Supperclubs have been growing in popularity in London of late as spoilt Londoners search for more and more inventive dining experiences.  Once synonymous of secret dining societies, supper clubs traditionally refer to a dining establishment that also functions as a social club. Nowadays, London supperclubs have evolved and although many are still billed as being held in secret locations, others are turning more mainstream and taking over restaurants for a short space of time.

What now seems to define a supperclub is the unity of the diners in the menu, all eating the same thing at the same time, and perhaps this is what people enjoy. In most cases supperclubs have a set menu which is served to all and I for one enjoy the excitement of someone else making the menu choices, you’ll find yourself with dishes you may not have otherwise ordered.

Now south London is no stranger to this trend and there are many avenues worth investigating for the adventorous diner looking for their next experience.

Master chef winner Dhruv Baker has been putting on his version at the Jam Tree in Clapham,  these are irregular events which tend to run for two nights at a time, take on different world cuisines each time, the food is delicious.

Possibly the most famous south London supperclub is the Saltoun supperclub, so called due to its Brixton location of the same name.  This may be more what you have in mind when you picture a supperclub being held in the chef and food stylists own home and it’s BYO.  If Brixton’s your bag you could also try a different take on the pop up and go along for brunch instead of dinner at The Breakfast Club.

In nearby Camberwell, Gluten Free Rosie brings supperclubs to those who might be wheat intolerant, or otherwise just fancy a gluten free meal at a cosy flat in Camberwell.  This London supperclub’s even been featured in the Guardians top 5 in the UK!

In Tooting the Pop Up Dining Club are helping to boost the reputation of the Market there and perhaps begin to enjoy some of the popularity seen by Brixton village by holding a series of supper clubs there.  There’s two this March, the first being hosted by United Ramen and the second being a Mauritian feast held by Yummy Choo Eats.

So with so much choice out there why not make a break from the traditional restaurant and spend an immersive evening working your way through and a well planned set menu. Supperclubs sure look set to stay so what’s stopping you.

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  1. Liz April 7, 2014 at 9:47 am #

    Great post but I don’t think there have been any Breakfast Club brunches in Brixton for about 2 years

    • Natalie De Luca April 8, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

      Perhaps we need to encourage Rachel to restart them then! The Tooting one’s should be happening regularly and we highly recommend them if you’re after a night out with a difference!

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