Tas/Ev – Authentic Anatolian Turkish Restaurants in South London

Isabella Street

Beautiful Isabella Street, home to Ev

I want to take some time to tell you about an old favourite of mine. I’m guilty of getting caught up in the new ‘exciting’ openings of south London that I sometimes forget that I should also share my old favourites. One of the benefits of growing up in London is that I have a whole bank of knowledge of great places to eat, my friends love to pick my brains for such eateries, and I’ll often do the organising when we go out. Exactly this happened when we had our girls Christmas dinner back in December and after racking my brains for a while I decided that Ev, on Isabella Street in Waterloo was the perfect venue. This reminded me that I’d never included Ev, or sister restaurant Tas on the blog. And so we get to the point of this article!

I’ve been going to Tas on the Cut for years, the first branch of this now incredibly popular (and expanded) group, opened in 1999. It’s been a regular choice for family meals and I’ve also taken friends both to this branch and the nearby Borough High Street outpost. And of course there’s Ev, which is just a stone’s throw from the original and is set on a beautiful little street tucked under railway arches.

The food is authentic Anatolian Turkish, from the Asian side of Turkey, and is truly exceptional. I’ve never been disappointed with an order, and neither have any of the many people I have introduced to it.

Whether you want to go for meze and order lots of the small plates or go down the more traditional starter and main, there are an intimidating amount of options available.  I generally order a mixture of starters to share, with favourites including the Hellim cheese, prawns cooked in a tomato sauce and spinach and ricotta parcels. You also get delicious bread, dip and olives as standard on your table, they are happy to replenish the bread, but filling yourself up on that would be a mistake, tasty as it is.

Lamb Patties with Bulgar Wheat at Ev

Lamb Patties with Bulgar Wheat at Ev

For mains you can’t go far wrong with one of the grilled meat dishes. I personally favour the lamb but the chicken is also excellently cooked.  There’s a variety of casserole style options which are hearty and comforting.

Baklava is the perfect finish to any Middle Eastern meal and those served at Tas do not disappoint.

The wines are decent and there are reasonably priced bottles available. On my recent visit to Ev a bottle of Tempranillo was around £16, and there were house red and white bottles available for just under this.

These are popular restaurants and they do take bookings so I’d recommend doing so.

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