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Following our recent preview, we went along to the launch night of Sorry, No Vacancies to put the new pop-up through its paces –

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Sorry, No Vacancies opened last weekend to much hype. And for good reason, Soul Shackers have designed the cocktail menu, Chris Gillard from St John Restaurant is serving up hot dogs and on the night of launch music was provided by Raff Daddy, one half of the Two Bears.  If you’re familiar with the beats hotel, a Glasto fav, you’ll love Sorry, No Vacancies.

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In an unassuming old shop on Brixton Road, from the outside you could almost miss this new destination.  Once inside you’ll wonder why no-ones thought of bringing such a cool bar to Brixton sooner.  With food places popping up faster than you can say ‘gentrification’ and the license restrictions preventing the Village from becoming a night long destination, Brixton really was screaming out for somewhere like this.

The decor is kitsch, with orange patterned wall paper and ‘love pile’ fluffy cushions.  There are booths opposite the bar and a few cosier areas for bigger group seating.  In addition there’s a mezzanine floor with pride of place above the dj booth, perfect to hire for Birthdays etc.  The venue also benefits from a well heated outside courtyard.  Look out for possibly the wonkiest tables ever, and I’m afraid for the boys, the courtyard is also home to the portaloos you’ll be using (don’t worry girls there are proper loos for you inside, genius!)

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As well as some old favourites there are some nice inventive cocktails on the menu which has been designed by the people behind MeatLiqour and Burger and Lobster.  Those I tried were fruity and way too easy to drink…with the exception of the flashback (See photo below), I think the bar tender was genuinely shocked when we ordered this one, but hey when in Rome!

Verdict – Good drinks, quirky food, great music.  Get there quick, it’s only a pop-up after all.

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