Colour My Life (with caution)

This hair salon in Lavender Hill is the Easyjet of hair dressers – no frills but does the job.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and Colour My Life is no exception. Their USP is that they offer half a head of highlights, a cut and a blow dry for £50. This is exceptionally cheep as in most London salons this service would cost upwards of £100.


I have been a few times and noticed a huge variation in the level of skill displayed. I am not a professional hair dresser but I have had highlights for 15 years so I have some experience in what techniques produce better results than others.

colour my life

The first time I went it was great! The colour was perfect, the blow dry was fab and I left thinking I had found an absolute bargain place to coif my barnet. However, this week was a different story and I left disappointed and stressed. They did offer me an appointment a few days later which I took and one of the senior stylists corrected the errors.

I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad place to get your hair done, but be aware that the quality of the hairdressing maybe reflected in the price. And like Easyjet, you risk experiencing a disappointing service but when it goes well, you feel like you received excellent value for money.


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