You know you grew up in South London in the 90s if…

  1. You went to the Bon Bonne – You may or may not have been of a legal drinking age but either way the Bon Bonne was the perfect local spot for a night out. At £2.50 a drink it was a bargain night out, not even the carpeted floor could dampen your spirits. Bonus points if you made Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night in one week.

    The Former Bon Bonne Club in Herne Hill

    The Former Bon Bonne Club in Herne Hill

  2. You also hung out at the Venue – Having the benefit of a later than 1am license (talking to you Bon Bonne), the venue was another favourite for many a south Londoner. With the cheese-tastic cover band on early and fake snow at Christmas, it was a real winner, kind of…
  3. You were gutted when the Water Palace closed – A bit of a mission as it was out in the Purley Way, but your journey was rewarded with a water world filled with slides, wave machines and Jacuzzi. Its health and safety may have left a little to be desired, but nevertheless you were sad to hear it was no more.
  4. You spent a Friday night at the Ice Skating Disco in Streatham – Pre fancy makeover the ice rink in Streatham was the place for south London teens to hang out on a Friday night when the music was turned up loud and the disco lights were on, and there was always one friend who couldn’t seem to let go of the side.
  5. You went all in at Caesars – All you can drink and entry for £20, bargain! The plastic cups you were given should have been a warning sign though. Both the Streatham and Old Kent Road locations are now defunct.
  6. You fought friends at Lazer Quest – Part of the megabowl complex in Streatham which since it’s closure has been a blip on the high street, now being turned into flats. No where near as fun as a round of bowling and a game of lazer quest!
  7. Hanging out in the Glades and/or The Whitgift Centre was a regular Saturday activity. And you may or may not have been wearing any of the following – cartoon socks, kappa trousers, reebok classics. Those were the days…
  8. You got lost in the Crystal Palace maze and thought the dinosaurs were rather realistic – It’s only on returning as an adult you realise how easily you were entertained.cp dino                          Photo Credit: elias_daniel via Compfight cc

We hope you enjoyed our nostalgic look back at times gone by, anything else you remember that we’ve missed?


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  1. Pascal Huybrechts September 25, 2015 at 5:35 pm #

    How can you forget cinatras in croydon lol

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