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George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC is an acupuncturist you need to meet. George has a reputation for amazing results that last.

“It doesn’t matter your current state of health,” he says, “there are nearly always improvements we want to make. My job is to help you achieve deep change through treatment, with supported changes to diet and lifestyle.

“Particularly in modern city life we tend to accumulate toxins, stress the body and fall into addictive patterns. It’s a stressful world out there, and it’s reassuring to know there are viable and effective options to resolve and heal these issues – preferably before they get out of hand. Even with the sports injuries I treat, most problems can be avoided when we refine our balance in daily life. Getting more in touch with balance and optimum health mentally and physically is where people feel happiest.”

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In Chinese medicine the aim is to address the underlying cause of illness, to treat the whole individual and focus on disease prevention rather than just treat or suppress symptoms. George takes it a step further, and talks of his passion for “optimising all vital functioning”.

As well as treating the usual suspects of colds, injuries, stress and back pain, he sees a lot of patients with chronic illnesses, and not only helps by increasing people’s overall feeling of well being, but also by guiding people through the changes that are needed for results that last:

“It’s all very well getting acupuncture for migraines, but if the migraines’ trigger is coffee, you need to stop drinking coffee for long term results. Helping people identify the triggers for illness and injury, and follow through with removing those triggers is what longevity medicine is really about. Personal growth. The treatment is a great stimulus for the person to know what can be achieved.”

His treatments have helped a case of Crohn’s Disease become dormant, lifelong full body eczema almost completely disappear in a matter of weeks and helped many people make a major life change when they felt stuck in a rut, depressed and confused. His love of health is contagious.

What do you love most about what you do?

“I love being immersed in the world of health, vitality, good feelings and the overcoming of obstacles. It’s all I do. I love achieving life-changing results for myself as well as for others. I love creating environments and programs that support people in realising optimal health long term and I love the vision of a society and a world built on the principles of health and wealth for all. It drives me forward.”

Why did you choose acupuncture?

“In my early career I was in the nightlife and events industry. I got very far very young. But I was drinking myself into oblivion. I stopped just before I turned 23, when it was clear my body was telling me I was facing imminent death. I stopped drinking then and there, and needed both to fix my body and a new career. They rolled into one. Acupuncture helped fix me up and its principles gave me a much better world view than the one I had before. It’s more a lifestyle than career.”

What advice to you have for our readers?

“1. Every evening take time to appreciate what you are thankful for that day. I truly believe that counting our blessings is really important in understanding and experiencing the most exciting and fulfilling life.”

“2. Breathe well. You have to do it anyway, so you might as well do it efficiently. It can fix so much.”

“3. Get regular treatment. In the East, the philosophy is to get treatment when you are well, in the West we traditionally get treatment only once we are sick. This doesn’t make as much sense. It is far easier to get from ‘well’ to ‘exceptional’ than it is to get from ‘sick’ to ‘well’. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”g monkhouse

George operates his private practice in East Dulwich, and runs the low cost ‘Get Well Clinic’ on Tuesdays in Camberwell. He teaches meditation, qigong and nutrition, and is offering December discounts for block bookings before a price increase in January.

Call for appointments on 07801813893 or visit http://georgemonkhouse.comGeogre-treating

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