London & Away

Well hello there, thanks for stopping by and welcome to London & Away.  Having slowly grown South London Blog over the last couple of years my passion for writing about places I love and am keen to recommend has grown. The idea behind the blog was to inspire me to keep finding new and wonderful places in the slice of the city I call home. I also wanted to provide inspiration for other Londoners keen to explore.

But as much as I love South London, and still can’t find time to fit in everything I’d like to, there’s so much more out there. Both in the UK and beyond. We’re lucky as Londoners to have Europe on our doorstep and with the explosion of cheap short haul flights there’s no reason not to take advantage.

I have a feeling that those of you who seek out the latest pop ups and the newest openings in London also like to explore further afield too.  If you like me are a wanderlust then I’d like to share my travel exploits with you and inspire your next flight destination.

So although south London will always be the heart and soul of this blog allow me to take you on a journey further afield now and again.



London (not south)