Sandi Thom – Singer/Former Tooting Resident


When Sandi Thom moved to Tooting fresh from graduating she had no idea of the journey she had begun.  After streaming gigs live from her basement flat in Tooting Sandi found world wide fame with her smash hit ‘I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker’.  Now embarking on a world tour, for one night only she will return to Tooting to perform in the unique and enchanting Tooting Market. Read on for your more info and your chance to win tickets!

1.When did you first move to London and what made you make Tooting your base?

I moved to London in 2004 after graduating from Liverpool institute of performing arts, I honestly chose Tooting because I had no clue about London and I thought it sounded really sweet and inviting!

2.Your series of gigs live from your Tooting basement were a turning point in your career, what inspired you to do them and how crucial do you feel they were in launching you into the spotlight?

The inspiration came from a venue in Edinburgh called the left bank where I participated in a singer/songwriter night that was webcast through the venues website; it was there that i got the idea to do this at my home, and given the basement was such an ideal place to do it it seemed perfect. It was a huge leap forward for me in my career, having been professionally playing since I was 14 it felt like all my hard work had finally paid off, it paved the way for what I’ve done since then also.

3. Can you offer an insider knowledge of things not to miss in Tooting?

Oh!! I don’t know if I would be the best person since I haven’t lived there in many years, but I do know that there was this pub called the Selkirk round the corner from my house that was this little hidden gem, and a guy who played a gig there every week called Wizz Jones who was awesome, a must see for anyone ever in Tooting.

4. You’re including an intimate session at Tooting Market on your current tour, are you excited about this? How important was it for you to return to Tooting?

Its going to be so surreal and so amazing, for me Tooting was a place where i went from being an unknown singer/songwriter to a household name, I envisage a lot of laughs and a few happy nostalgic tears!

5. For those who aren’t able to catch the Totting show, where else can they catch you and what else do you have in store for the year, any festivals?

I have dates all over the UK in April, and then all over the world in the coming months, but true to form i continue to webcast one concert a month so wherever you are in the world you can watch me !!  : )

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