Olympic Studios, Barnes

Fabulous Cinema in South West London

I’ve found my new favourite cinema, in fact it’s in one of my favourite parts of town. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford to live there, its in Barnes, so, yeah. If you haven’t visited this leafy corner of south west London I urge you to go, you’ll feel as if you’ve left London all together.

But enough about Barnes, let’s talk about the cinema. Olympic Studios has true rock n roll credentials having, as the name suggests, a previous life as a recording studio. Abbey Rod may have had The Beatles but they, as they proudly declare in their feature advert, had the rest. This includes, amongst others, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Queen.olympic studios cinema barnes

What you can expect from Olympic Studios is perhaps less about rock n roll though and more about comfort and maximum sound quality. Plenty of leg room, meaning you don’t even need to get up when people walk past. A well sized table to place drinks and snacks on and the aforementioned excellent quality of both sound and picture. There are two screens, with screen one being slightly bigger and having the option of double seats and sofas. There’s an attractive bar and restaurant attached which as well as serving the usual burger and chips, also offers a range of fish and meat which looked delicious. The burgers were super, served in Brioche buns and the chips were nice and crisp, just how I like them.

Tickets start at £10 for adults, increasing to £15 at peak times.  Filmclub membership is £75 for the year, which gives you two free tickets and 10% off bookings for you +one for the year.

Olympic Studios, 117-123 Church Road, Barnes, SW13 9HL

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