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Whirled Cinema Loughborough

A few Monday’s ago I went to a very cool cinema, tucked away in railway arches at the Loughborough Junction end of Herne Hill road Whirled Cinema is a really unique little venue. I get dozens of emails about various events across South London and when I read the info I was sent about whirled I was genuinely intrigued. The bonus of this blog means I’m fortunate enough to get invited along to lots of local events, and so it was with Whirled. The first night of a new Whirled season focusing on the films of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was what I was there to see and as I walked up the metal staircase into the bricked arch venue I was glad I’d decided to come along.

The venue is one roomed with rows of seating, a small bar and little balcony area. As more viewers arrived you could tell this was the sort of place where lots of people knew each other, members turning out to support their cinemas new venture, a nice community feel. As well as the drinks and few snacks available at the bar you can have pizza ordered in from Firezza next door. I’d already eaten but when pizza arrived partway through the film, boy did it smell good. This pizza incident probably gives you an indication as to the relaxed nature of the venue. There’s no trailers or ads here, straight into the film, and no worries if you need to jump over someone to collect your pizza. No talking and no phones though, there is a film to watch after all! Though you will also get the intermittent sound of the trains going overhead.

The Philip Seymour Hoffman series continues on Mondays throughout May, and tickets are £8 or 2 for £12, well worth it for such a unique venue. This season is an addition to their regular showings which run Weds-Fri and Sunday’s. Membership for the year gets you into as many films as you like, but you can pay as you go for £10 which gets you a weeks membership. The venue is also available for hire, singalong Grease anyone?

Whirled Cinema – 259 Hardess Street, London SE24 0HN

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