5 Things That Happened if You Lived in Clapham After Uni!

Clapham gets a lot of stick for it’s campus like atmosphere, with a night on the High Street feeling like a Wednesday night at uni. If you’ve lived there you’ll know that, in part, that’s exactly what you were looking for, and combined with the plentiful green space provided by the common it was a pretty good place to live.Morden Tube

Whether you still live there now, or have moved away, this lighthearted list should be familiar to anyone who moved to Clapham post uni…

1.You woke up in Morden –

So your plan was to save money on a taxi by getting the last tube home. Only problem is you’ve just woken up…and you’re in Morden. Urgh, with your limited knowledge of night buses and desperate need for your bed the only solution is forgoing your original money saving strategy and jumping in a taxi to get you far away from Morden as quickly as possible.  We’ve all been there.

2.You went to Infernos –

Long queues, pricey cover charge, hundreds of drunk twenty somethings and an over-complicated floor plan.  You’d think this combination of qualities would be enough to ring alarm bells. It somehow wasn’t and you found yourself frequenting this Clapham High Street instituion on a regular basis. In awe of the light up dancefloor and dancing to the baywatch theme tune with more enthusiasm than a kid in a candy store. And then you carried on the party next door at McDonalds, or possibly a certain Chicken Shop in search of five minutes of fame on Channel 4’s inventively named programme of the same name!

3.You spotted the Clapham Transvestite –

Clapham residents have almost certainly seen the infamous transvestite in a state of near undress on a bicycle. We’ll leave it there…

4.Singing along to the Backstreet Boys in Shalamar –

Everyone loves a piece of fried chicken after a few drinks, but what’s even better is cramming into this tiny high street take away and singing your lungs out to ‘Backstreets Back’ whilst you wait. Other impatient customers might not agree, but in your head you’re the 6th member they never had.

5.You went to Church on a Sunday –

Not THAT kind of church though, the kind that involves numerous drunk people, most of whom being Australian, dressing up and going to dance in a dark room in the middle of the day. Seemed like a great idea at the time, until approximately 8am on Monday morning. Then it was the worst idea ever, almost as ill informed as that Sunday session at Gigalum.

Agree with our list, anything you’d add?

Photo Credit: -AX- via Compfight cc

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