5 Transport Schemes We’d Like to See

For most Londoners, transport is right up there with housing as one of the key issues. We’ve all suffered the frustrations of trying to get around London, but on our side of the river, there are a number of schemes that could make our daily journeys easier. We look at the most talked about and investigate how likely they are to come about.

Bakerloo Line

Not Going Underground

Bakerloo Line Extension
For many with an SE post code this would be no.1 on the wish list. Terminating at Elephant & Castle in Zone 1, it’s the only tube line with any spare capacity in the rush hours – mainly because it doesn’t go anywhere! Add to that there are vast areas of south London with no train service of any kind such as Walworth, Camberwell and Old Kent Rd. and you can make a very strong case for this scheme. TfL have it in their plans, but as yet it’s unfunded. Exactly where the line (lines?) will go is subject to much debate as well. We want it – and we want it now! Have your say here.

cycle superhway

Thinnish Blue Line

Segregated Cycle Lanes
There are now more cyclists crossing the Thames bridges into central London than vehicles. But what stops more people getting on their bikes is the perceived danger. Cue segregated lanes – TfL recently announced two improved super-highways, one of which will run from Elephant to Kings Cross through the City. More than just a strip of blue paint on the road, these new lanes will have raised kerbs separating bikes from vehicles and so be much safer for those on two wheels. There is opposition to the plans, but if you are a keen cyclist you can make your voice heard by joining the London Cycling Campaign.

East London River Crossing
This has been talked about for years – a new road crossing between east and south-east London – and if you’re regularly stuck in a jam in the Blackwall or Rotherhithe Tunnels, you’ll be right behind this one. Some may say we don’t need more roads, but it does seem ridiculous that from Tower Bridge to the M25 there are only two road crossings. It’s a serious obstacle to access for jobs and for business, but it seems that TfL have finally bitten the bullet. Consultation is now closed but you can read up on the plans here.

Crossrail 2
I haven’t forgotten about those of you with an SW post code. That trek to the City on the Northern Line has got to be the most overcrowded train journey of them all. Well, Crossrail 2 to the rescue then? Like the Bakerloo Line, it probably will happen, but when is the issue. I think we’re looking at 2030 onwards before there’s any joy.

Orange boom?

Orange boom?

London Overground Takeovers
Rail passenger surveys reveal just how much we like the London Overground – and how much we dislike those rail franchises such as Southern and South Eastern. Based on personal experience, I can understand why many passengers would like the future to be orange. The service is much better, from more frequent and punctual trains, better-kept stations which are staffed and the efforts to increase disabled access. In north London, TfL are taking over the Liverpool St. to Enfield line and they want to do the same for many lines in south London, despite opposition from Kent MPs. Oh yes, and 50,000 people in Thamesmead would like a station please!

To keep abreast with the latest in transport in the capital check London Reconnections.

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