We Got the Blues – 5 Famous Blue Plaques

In London you get a blue plaque on your house if you’re dead famous, or rather, famous and dead! After painstaking historical research and based on real events, SLB brings you our first Famous 5ive.

W.G. Grace – Fairmount, Mottingham Lane, Mottingham SE9 3NG


Famous England cricketer of the Victorian era. Could bat all day. In fact, he grew that famous beard during an innings against Australia at the Oval where, in the end, their bowlers surrendered from exhaustion. England could do with him now. Favourite hymn – Amazing Grace!

Captain William Bligh – 100, Lambeth Road, Lambeth SE1 7PT


Supposedly unpleasant captain of HMS Bounty, whose crew, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied. The incident was famously portrayed in film (twice), the second one starring Marlon Brando. They put him in a rowing boat and told him to get lost, whereupon he uttered the memorable words “I’d rather have the Bounty”. Unfortunately for the mutineers, Bligh survived and several of them were hanged for their crime.
Least favourite hymn – Onward Christian Soldiers!

Charles Babbage – Side of Walworth Clinic, Larcom Street Walworth SE17


Brilliant mathematician, inventor and engineer, regarded as the father of computing. His original machine is in the Science Museum. Without him you wouldn’t be reading this – or playing Angry Birds. Oh, you prefer Candy Crush Saga do you – sad! Favourite song – 100011101001100101010010

John Logie Baird – 3, Crescent Wood Road, Sydenham SE26 6RT


Scottish scientist who invented the telly. His lab was destroyed when the Crystal Palace burned down in 1936. Without John Logie we’d never have seen Simon Cowell. Imagine!
Favourite song – Video Killed the Radio Star

Boris Karloff – 36 Forest Hill Road, East Dulwich SE22 0RR


Born at the above and a famous Hollywood actor who played the monster in the famous Frankenstein films and was a regular in various horror movies. Changed his name from William Henry Pratt – why?
TV pilot never released – The Hex Factor

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