South London Street Art Top 5 of 2016

You’ve probably noticed that we love street art at SLB, particularly if you follow us on Twitter or Instagram. More or less every week we post a photo of a mural or occasionally a sculpture and by the response we get its obvious that you, our readers and followers, are just as keen as we are.

In the last two years there’s been an absolute explosion of art on the streets of south London, especially in Tooting, Brockley and Brixton. When we first started featuring street art two years ago, we thought there might be enough to keep us going for maybe a year to eighteen months, but now it’s actually difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of work being produced, some of which appears and then is gone a few weeks or months later. Anyway, here are our Top 5 for 2016 as viewed on our social media.


David Shillinglaw – Forest Hill

In 5th place is the mural at Havelock Walk, Forest Hill by David Shillinglaw on the Canvas and Cream studios.  Havelock Walk, right in the centre of Forest Hill has a number of art and craft studios which have very popular open days two or three times a year.



Louis Masai – Tooting

Coming in at no.4 is one of my personal favourites, located in the Iceland car park on Tooting High St, along with a number of other murals. It’s by Louis Masai, who has a few of his works dotted around Tooting and you can easily recognise them by the ‘One Love’ tag he puts on the mural.



Lionel Stanhope – Brockley

Einstein has to be one of the most recognisable people ever and he definitely is one of the most muralled (is that a word?), with dozens of paintings featuring the great scientist around the world. This one, our 3rd most viewed, was (now painted over with another mural) at Hilly Fields, Brockley by Lionel Stanhope, an artist widely featured around Brockley and surrounding areas.



Jon Bates – Tooting

Is this the cutest tram ever? Our editor, Natalie, loves Lisbon and seeing this made me put Portugal’s capital on my ‘must visit’ list! This year’s runner-up is painted on The Secret Bar (Portuguese naturally) at Tooting Market and it’s by Jon Bates of Blight Society.



Dan Kitchener – Honor Oak

This year’s clear winner is another of my personal favourites; Dan Kitchener‘s street scenes from Tokyo are so atmospheric. Dan came 3rd last year and I think this mural, at the junction of Brockley Rise and Stondon Park in Honor Oak, deservedly is the SLB mural of the year.

We’ll be bringing you more great street art from south London in 2017, and do let us know of anything in your area we haven’t featured yet.


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