South London’s Top 5 Weirdest Street Names

The City of London has many strange names for its thoroughfares – Crutched Friars, Poultry and so on, but what about our neck of the woods?  After painstaking research I give you South London’s weirdest street names.  Enjoy!

Ha Ha Road,  Woolwich SE18

I’m ‘avin a larf, right?  Well, actually no, it really does exist.  During the Olympics there was controversy too as it was closed off to traffic – many residents were not amused.

Cardinal Cap Alley,  Bankside SE1

Who exactly was Cardinal Cap and just what was he doing in that alley?  It seems there may have been a cardinal (posssibly from nearby Southwark Cathedral) who was chased down the alley whilst engaging in immoral activities and, in the process, lost his mitre.  Yeah, right.  It seems that controversy rages over this street too, as it’s been gated, much to the fury of many locals.   By hook or by crook they’re determined to re-open it.

Ribbon Dance Mews,  Camberwell SE5

The perfect address for a rythymic gymnast, but just who was dancing and why?  One of the great unanswered mysteries of south London.  Anyway there’s a song named after it and should you wish to play it on your ukelele, Larrikin Love has kindly tabbed the chords for you at:

Bird in Hand Passage  Forest Hill SE23 and Bird in Bush Road   Peckham SE15

Ok, so that’s two roads I know, but I think you’ll agree they go nicely together – birds of a feather etc.   So which would you rather live in then?  Well it’s a no-brainer!  You’d be feeling pretty smug if you lived in the first one, while residing in the second may lead to some anxiety – especially as there’s only one of them!  As they say in the CzechRepublic;  ‘A sparrow in the fist is better than a pigeon on the roof’.  ‘Nuff said.

Wilds Rents  Bermondsey SE1

I know prices have gone crazy in the property world, but things have got completely out of hand in this street.  On the other hand, if you were a buy-to-let investor, this could be a gold mine – except someone got there before you.  Maybe he’ll sell.  Approach with caution.

Not strange enough?  Well I took the liberty of putting one on the subs’ bench (I asked the editor and she said it was OK):

Troy Town  Peckham SE15

This is the one if your name’s Helen, but if you see a wooden horse hanging about, get the hell out of there.  Apparently it’s something to do with a maze.  Amazing!

Got any more to add? Let us know!


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