Top 5 Tips to Relieve Stress on Your Commute

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Travelling to and from work is for many, particularly in London, one of the most stressful parts of the day . If you’ve ever tried to force your way onto the Northern line at 8.30am anywhere North of Colliers Wood, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Luckily for you we’ve teamed up with Commuter Club, who in their own way are working to take at least part of the stress away. Read about this and our other top stress busting commuter tips –LOGOextensive_white_BACKGROUNblu

1.Travel outside of rush hours – This is an obvious one but also one which many fail to do. Is your boss open to flexible hours? You’d be surprised by what a difference travelling in for 10 as opposed to 9 can make. If you can’t swing the hours then what about getting to work early – you don’t have to work though! Do you go to the gym or yoga classes, why not find somewhere near work and go before or after so you can fit exercise in and by doing so switch up the time of your commute. Or get to the office early and tick off a few of those life admin tasks you keep putting off.

2.Run or Cycle – Running to or from work is both a great way to fit exercise into your life and also to avoid the tube. Cycling is the same, although I’d advice sticking to quieter roads, avoiding the main route may add minutes onto your total journey time but is far more pleasant and safe.  The endorphins you realise will also help to kick the stress.

3.Switch up your route – Varying the way you travel can help lessen the stress and tedium of your commute.  You don’t have to take the same route each day and may be surprised by the effect of a new environment. Getting the bus instead of the tube may well make your journey longer but you will get to see a lot more of London, get a seat and avoid getting trapped in a dark tunnel with your head in someone’s armpit.

4.Use your journey productively – As we’re resigned to the need to commute we may as well try and make the most of the time we have, don’t just accept it as dead time.  Why not try listening to an interesting or informative podcast? Dessert Island Discs and Serial are just some of those I’ve enjoyed.  Reading a book is also a good use of time, especially if you have a long-ish bus or train journey where you’ll get a seat.  Commuting times are also useful for catching up on emails and texts which you never seem to find the time to reply to.

5.Save money – This is where Commuter Club come in to eliminate the stress caused by extortionate travel costs. One of the many gripes with commuting in London is of course the price, and Commuter Club are here to reduce this cost, saving you both time and money.  The idea is simple – annual travel cards offer the best value, yet few of us can afford to pay upfront. Commuter club will loan the money which you then pay back in monthly instalments, the 12th month being free. This saves you money versus both weekly and monthly tickets, even when factoring in the 5.6% fee.  With the Commuter Club secured loan there’s no hidden fees, no hassle and your given full flexibility. You’ll also save yourself time as there’ll be no more queuing to top up.

We wish you a stress free commute!

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