Hannah Saunders & Natasha Morabito of Big Fish Little Fish

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Big Fish Little Fish is a newly launched ‘Family Rave’ concept, dream child of Hannah Saunders’ and born out of her passion for music.  Pre-children having been a regular at gigs, clubs and raves there was a desire to create an event where like minded parents could share this love of music with their children. Soon after conception Natasha Morabito got on board as Communications Manager, having met each other on Mumsnet, the first event at The Effra Social was a sell out and the success looks set to continue.

1.Firstly where in South London do you live, how did you end up there and what has kept you there?

Hannah – I’ve lived in Brixton coming up to 7 years, after living in North London for 20 years. I love London and Brixton seems to be all the best bits in microcosm.  I moved here to make a home with my fella and be near my oldest friend (who had lived here 10 years before I moved in).  Having spent the previous couple of decades coming to Brixton for the nightlife, I have spent the last few years embedding myself in the local community as I pootle about with my kids.  My kids were born at Kings – it’s where my family have made home.

Natasha – I live in Sydenham, just round the corner from my old secondary school. Ended up there as I was priced out of East Dulwich when the time came to buy a family home. What’s kept me here – I have never lived anywhere but SE London – even stayed for university (Goldsmiths) – I love South London, it’s home.

2.What first gave you the idea to start Big Fish Little Fish and why did you choose Brixton as the starting venue?

H – I’ve always loved music passionately – gigs, clubs, raves etc – and when I had kids I wanted to share that love with them.  I took them to festivals when very young but once the season was over found there wasn’t anything similar to take them to. I had recently left my career in the civil service and decided I should just go ahead and create the thing I wanted to take my own children to.  I started talking to my friends.  Some of them DJ and said they’d play, one said he’d help with the website, others advised on setting up in business.  One day the name – Big Fish Little Fish – suddenly came to me and I realised it captured what I wanted to do perfectly – family raving.  It never even occurred to me to start anywhere other than right where I live – it just seems the perfect place to run something cool and music based for families.  I chose the venue that I thought would best suit the needs of families who wanted to dance – The Effra Social.  It was at this point I started discussing my plans more widely and Natasha held her hand up to join in.

BFLF (540x720)3. BFLF in 5 words?

H – Cool Music Social Family Fun

N – Quality Musical Family Fun Afternoon.

4. Where do you see BFLF in the next 6 – 12 months? Are there other venues you have in your sites?

 H – South London will always be the beating heart of BFLF but I’m hoping to have a North London venue starting before the end of the year – they deserve to have some fun up there too.  Beyond that we’ve been approached to be involved with several festivals so we’ll see what happens but I’m hankering after our own little festival over a Saturday and Sunday – so if anyone has a couple of fields spare please let me know…

5. Do you feel that South London is child friendly/a good place to raise children?

H – I moved here to raise kids.  Mine are 2 and 3.  I think we’re spoilt for choice for rainy day activities from the gorgeous Brixton library children’s sessions, to museums (Horniman, Imperial War Museum) to the South Bank Centre and I’m within walking distance of half a dozen excellent children’s centres.  Brockwell Park is amazing – it even has its own miniature railway! Further afield we love the not-very-accurate dinosaurs at Crystal Palace and lunch at Dosa’n’Chutney in Tooting (lovely waiters who adore kids).

N – I think South London is an excellent place to raise kids. There’s always something to do. Mine are pre-schoolers. I love Sydenham Hill woods – we go there a lot, sometimes just me and the kids but we also go along to Nature Play South London. We like going to our local parks – Wells Park, Mayow Park and Crystal Palace Park. In Forest Hill the newly opened Montage Cafe (with playroom) is a great place – shabby chic in excelsis.

6. Are there any other local businesses you admire/have plans to collaborate with?

H – We already have Rosie’s Deli Cafe as a regular stall holder at the parties and both the managers of The Effra Social and their owners at Antic have been really supportive of BFLF.  Most of our DJs so far have been local, JC, Chef, Joe Muggs, DJ Food and Will Nicol – and that pattern is likely to continue.  I am interested in how I might use somewhere like the Electric or Academy – perhaps a Xmas special in 2014?  I also adore the Ritzy and really want to post a big notice about BFLF on their front board!

N – We use local DJs as mentioned above and we are also hoping to have Raf Daddy of the 2 bears. It’s good to see local business grow like The Butchery in Forest Hill which started as a pop up but did so well it became permanent.

7. Finally, when you do manage to leave the kids at home where do you like to go to relax/let your hair down!

H – Bit of gigs, theatre, clubs and food really.  Usually around Brixton – Brixton Windmill is my favourite music venue in all of London. I also used to love Club 414 – but I don’t think I’ll be going there again anytime soon as partying till 5am is not for me anymore. Really enjoyed an open air drink at El Panzon in the Summer and if I’m going into town I’m usually around the South Bank or Soho.

N – I don’t go out at night that often so it’s the company rather than where we are that matters. I go to the odd gig and club night – last thing I went to was Duckie when they took over the Clore Ballroom at the Festival Hall – it was brilliant, no one knows their music like the Readers Wifes.

Like the sound of Big Fish Little Fish? The following dates are already pencilled in at the Effra Social Oct19th, Nov 16th, Dec 14th and you can buy tickets online.

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