Tristan Scutt – Little Nan’s Bar

Tristan Scutt

Deptford resident and the man behind ‘Little Nans Bar’, Tristan Scutt talks to the South London Blog about how the idea came about and why he loves living in South East London.  Venture to this secret bar to enjoy cocktails in teapots at vintage prices!

1.Did you grow up or ‘end up’ in Deptford?

I ended up in Deptford 10 years ago as I did a MA in Fine Art at GoldSmiths. My amazing mates (known as the Deptford Army) have kept me here and I can’t see myself leaving anytime soon!

2.How long did it take from the initial idea to opening the bar?

The bar is named after my Nan (obviously) and I wanted to create an experience where literally everyone feels at home. In total it took 6 weeks to open up the bar once I agreed the space with Bunker Club, but I have been working on the brand for all of my life due to having such a wonderful Little Nan help raise me.

3.Little Nan’s in five words?

Little Nan’s equals Dream Factory.

Little Nans Bar

4.Why do you think Deptford is the perfect location for the bar?

I live in Deptford and have run businesses here for the last 10 years, so it was the natural place for me to open up the bar. I have also run Club nights at Bunker club for over 5 years, so setting up Little Nan’s in their disused Back room was a dream come true for me! Little Nan spent most of her early years in and around Deptford, so it’s like a coming home!

5.What’s planned for Little Nan’s Bar?

I work with what my customers dream for (hence, the Dream Factory) Little Nan’s was never meant to be a cocktail bar, but I soon realised this is what the people of Deptford wanted, and I gave it to them! We have already started selling my Nan’s 103 yr old recipe mulled Apple Juice because people kept tweeting to say they had heard great things about it, and were sad that they lived too far away to try it. We now sell it by the bottle and deliver, or you can pop in with your own Vessel to fill up, take and heat up at home. It will make your home smell like Little Nan’s Bar! Recently I have had phone calls from people who live in faraway towns, saying they want us there…so a Little Nan’s Summer Time seaside tour maybe taking place next year! Also in late October I will be launching Little Nan’s Souvenirs which include themed hampers – ideal Christmas prezzies!

Little Nans Bar Cocktails

6.What advice would you give to other South Londoners looking to open a new bar?

Know the area that you are opening up in. Don’t just open up in an area because you have heard it’s great.  Experience and be part of the greatness first!

7.Apart from your own bar, where in South London do you like to go on a night out?

Well, obviously Bunker Club! Annie B books in a good eclectic range of dancing club nights which keeps me and my mates entertained! The Deptford Army also host a regular monthly party night at Bunker Club called Deptford Does…’ last month was Disco themed and we reached capacity at Midnight! Seriously fun party! This month is Indie Disco and will be on the 12th October. I also like going to The Talbot in Brockley for dinner and have a love/ hate obsession with the Brockley Barge! If I want to see some fun comedy, then I always head to The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell on a Monday, Tues or Weds for Comedy Virgins! Have you tried their Disco Fries?! Also there’s always a good house party to go to in South London!

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